How To Clean Yellowing Shoe Soles

How To Clean Yellowing Shoe Soles: One pair of Jordan 1 shoes was mine, and it was a constant pandemic of shoe-related diseases. Yes! Yes! Yellowing. It happens to every sneakerhead, and it is almost inevitable. You don’t have to wear your sneaker every day or keep them on ice. Even if you have the best defenses (silica gel bags or zip-lock bags), they won’t be able to withstand yellowing.

Anxious minds search for a solution to yellowing soles. There are many options, including toothpaste and baking soda. These can be used in combination or as a single treatment. Each type has a different application process and dosage. These operations are much easier if you read this article.

This article will explain step-by-step how to remove yellow soles and midsoles. I’ll also answer any questions you might have about how to whiten shoes.

How to Clean Yellowing Shoe Soles

Three simple ways to how to clean yellowing of soles of shoe are available. Find out which one is best for you by reading on.

Method 1 – How to clean yellow soles using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to make a paste
  • Use an old toothbrush to rub the paste on the affected areas.
  • Solely place your shoes in direct sunlight. Let them soak for a while.
  • Rinse the paste from your sole and inspect the results.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 4.

Method 2 – How to clean yellow soles using bleach.

  • Combine equal parts bleach with water.
  • Mix in an old toothbrush, or a soft-bristled brush.
  • This can be used to scrub your sole, paying special attention to yellowed areas.
  • Rinse well with running water.

How to clean yellow soles using bleach.

Did you notice that your shoes still had yellow marks? You can simply repeat steps 1 through 4 until your shoe is as white as new.

Method 3 – How to clean yellow soles using toothpaste.

  • Use an old toothbrush to apply toothpaste to the affected areas.
  • Sprinkle some water.
  • Repeat the process.
  • Use a damp, clean cloth to thoroughly clean the sole.
  • You can continue the steps above if you find yellow spots on your soles.

How to clean yellow soles using toothpaste

This simple guide will show you how to clean your shoe soles and get rid of that yellowish tint. You now know how to whiten shoe soles. Make sure to keep your shoes clean with this guide on how to clean white shoes.

Clean Yellow Soles using a Magic Eraser

Magic erasers don’t just clean counters and bathtubs. The same magic eraser can be used on yellow soles. Follow the instructions on your magic eraser to do this. You can often just wet the magic eraser and then squeeze it to scrub. It will work its magic quickly!

Whitening Shoe with a Clean Yellow Sole

If none of these options work and you want something certain, you might search for a shoe whitening agent. There are many products that can restore yellow soles to white.

Follow this procedure to purchase a shoe whitening product. Before you start, make sure to carefully read the instructions. You should be able to restore white soles if you follow all of the instructions.

Can you fix yellowing on shoes?

Use a brush to apply a light-to-medium coat of Sole Bright on the oxidized areas of your footwear. Make sure the product doesn’t get on any sensitive areas. You can remove the clear wrap with warm water and a toothbrush.

What causes yellowing of soles?

Carotenemia is a condition where you have too many carotenoids. Carotenoids are usually eliminated from the body via urine, stool, and skin oils. If too many accumulate in your blood it can cause your skin to become yellow. This coloration is most noticeable on your hands and the soles your feet.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do Soles turn yellow?

Oxidation. It is responsible for darkening the soles of our shoes. It reacts with water and sands to cause oxidation.

How to Avoid Shoe Soles Yellowing

Shoes soles are prone to yellowing. Avoid stepping on the water to prevent yellowing. The yellowing process is accelerated by water. If you don’t plan on wearing shoes for a specific period of time, store your shoes in polythene.

Why is Hydrogen Peroxide used in cleaning yellowing soles?

Non-chlorinated bleach Hydrogen peroxide (H202), is also known as baking soda. It reacts with dirt to create gas bubbles. Warm water breaks down the bonds between Hydrogen Peroxide and dirt again, cleaning the sole surface.

Do Toothpaste, Hydrogen Peroxide, And Baking soda Degrades the Glued Portion of The Sole

It’s not true. Glues are usually applied to the sole’s inner surface. Some damage can occur if the glue gets into the inner portion of your sole. You can cover the upper of the shoe with a plastic wrap or gently apply the cleaning agent to the sole.

What is the best way to remove yellowing from a white leather shoe sole?

A shoe’s midsole or cushioning is an important part. The question here is how do you get rid of a yellow midsole? It’s natural UV-mediated degeneration. If you have leather shoes, it may be easier to paint the midsole to remove yellowness.


This guide will show you how to quickly remove yellow stains and how to keep white shoes white. The recipes that I have listed here were tested by me and produced a great result. Now you are able to effectively whiten your shoe soles. You’ll be able to keep your shoe box fresh for a long time if you follow my tips. Your friends will continue to ask about the secrets.

All of the methods I have discussed are highly effective. You can also try them if you wish. You can also use the same method to make your shoes. Please comment below about your experiences.

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